FAQ about ProfitNet's G1VE Initiative


What is G1VE?

 A registered public Benefit corporation (“B-Corp”), G1VE is a new way for businesses to easily donate a percentage of their monthly revenue to their favorite nonprofits, strengthen their brand, and align with their customers and communities. 

Why use G1VE instead of donating directly to Non-Profits?

 There are several advantages of using G1VE:

Ease — We can donate to one or several nonprofits at once; plus, track and manage all our donations from a secure, single location. G1VE also provides us with consolidated records to make tax-time easier for us and our accountant.

Awareness —  Did you know that we have always donated funds to various non-profits? Probably not! Now our giving is verifiable by an objective, third-party source and, with our customizable profile page, we can showcase our giving to our customers and community. 

Efficiency — By leveraging technology, G1VE automates the giving process and “pushes” donations to nonprofits. That means nonprofits can spend less on fund-raising (i.e., on “pulling” donations) and more on their mission cause. Also, recurring monthly donations help nonprofits more accurately budget and forecast, increasing their efficiency.

Can any business sign up with G1VE?

 Yes! Any type of business, in any type of industry, and of any size can use G1VE. Whether you’re brick-and-mortar, online, or both, and whether you’re “business to business” or “business to consumer”, you can use G1VE. As long as you use QuickBooks Online and are US-based, G1VE is the best way to support nonprofits and align with your customers and community. 

Which Non-Profits are a part of G1VE?

 G1VE’s portfolio of nonprofits continues to grow (see the current list here)! 

How can I recommend a Non-Profit to G1VE?

 You can recommend a nonprofit by emailing hello@G1VE.org. Please include the nonprofit’s name and if known, their website address and G1VE will reach out to them. Please note nonprofits must be verifiable 501(c)(3)’s in good standing to be eligible to join G1VE.